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Custom Handmade Indian Handicrafts It’s the Passion we follow with dedication

We are very passionate about bringing a Custom HANDMADE Indian Handicrafts from different parts of core India to your home directly.
Rudra Handicrafts LLC is a US based Women Owned Small Business company, founded with specialization in getting the custom production of different kinds of traditional Indian handicraft products as per the customer requirements.
All these handicrafts are HANDMADE, by the skilled artists in different parts of India. The premium quality marble handicrafts are handcrafted in Rajasthan, and all the brass items are handmade antiques in Murdabad and Shirdi.
These handmade handicrafts bring a new life to your home due to its exclusivity, charismatic appeal, and custom in nature.
All custom orders of Marble Temples and Home decors, Brass made God idols, or any such handicrafts are delivered to your doorstep after international shipping and customs clearance.
Minika Oberoi is the founder of Rudra Handicrafts LLC and brings her 22 years of retail experience serving clients nationwide. She is fully supported and guided by her husband Manu Arora in this journey. Together both are achieving customer satisfaction with their product quality, dedication, and passion.

Both Minika and Manu strongly believe in just hard work and dedication “there is no shortcut to success”
Please feel free to reach out to us at info@rudrahandicraftshome.com or +1 630-770-0175 and discuss your custom designs for these handicrafts – Marble Temples, Home decors & Brass Antique God idols.
Our vision is to bring the real authentic handicrafts to our customers.

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